Advisory Board Member, ThinkTank Solutions

Adam Bilbrey left the corporate world 5 years ago to join a robotics startup called SterraClimb as VP of Business Development at Princeton University where he found his calling as an entrepreneur. Prior to that role he spent the previous seven years working in the CPG, Reprographic, Digital Advertising, and Business Development Consulting industries in varying capacities. Representing  industry leaders such as, Kraft Foods Global, Sherwin Williams, YellowBook USA РDigital Media Div, and Océ North America.

Adam the next eight years living in Southeast Asia (Taiwan) and the Middle East (Saudi Arabia/Egypt) where he completed all of middle school and high school in private International schools before returning to the US for university. Adam speaks conversational French and Arabic, taxi cab Mandarin and has built a notable global network of strategic business alliances as well as human assets including foreign diplomats, investment bankers, and fellow industry serial entrepreneurs.

As Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Rental Geek, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Famous Vape Inc, Adams goal at present is to prove out market launch strategy and deliver against the revenue expectations of our investor base between now and our Series A offering in December 2018.