Pierre Yancy is ThinkTank Solutions Founder and CEO. He is a passionate believer in the power of “social” entrepreneurship. Pierre has a proven track record of building innovative solutions to societal challenges, with a passion for underserved and overlooked communities.

He provides startup brand management and application development to Think Tank’s clients. These clients cross many segments, including real estate, entertainment, green energy, churches, and local government. Pierre has skills in marketing and branding, but also provides Proof of Concept app development and Mobile App Prototyping. That combination has enabled his clients to bring in over a million dollars in private investment.

Pierre knows that change is inevitable, and never stops. He understands that the digital transformation of your business should enable it to adapt to future changes, as well as meet current objectives. His strong foundation in agile development is the result of exposure to minds from Cisco Systems, Sprint, and IBM. This agile development approach allows IT to react quickly and  align with the needs of the business. A holistic, interconnected approach is required to enable your company to adapt to the internal and external factors that are impacting your target market.




Founder & CEO, ThinkTank Solutions