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ThinkTank Solutions was founded in 2013,with the goal of creating revenue driven creatively designed mobile applications and responsive websites. ThinkTank uses agile software development that breaks down projects into milestones. continued to expand their services to match advancing technologies. Custom software development paired with effective digital marketing is vital to a strategic online presence. ThinkTank is a true one-stop shop for fully integrated mobile marketing services.


SEO Content Creation

Brand Identity

Web Development & Design

Business Strategy

Mobile App Design & Development



HD Drone Video Production / Aerial Photography and Filming

Drone video has more uses that you might think. For example, we do a lot of aerial photography and video for property owners trying to make the most attractive media to represent their property for sale. In the past, you would have to gas up a plane and hire a pilot and a photographer who specializes in aerial photography. Now, the cost to rent a drone with an experienced pilot is but a tiny fraction of the cost.
For everything from real estate video to festival crowd shots, from tourism promotion to special event video, you are guaranteed to stand out with footage from our professionally-piloted drone.


Pierre Yancy

Pierre Yancy

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Pierre Yancy is a passionate believer in the power of “social” entrepreneurship. He has a proven track record of building innovative solutions to societal challenges, with a passion for underserved and overlooked communities. He has eight years of leadership experience in many mobile technology projects.

He has provided startup brand management and application development to many clients. These clients cross many segments, including real estate, entertainment, green energy, churches, and local government. Pierre has skills in marketing and branding, but also provides Proof of Concept app development and Mobile App Prototyping. That combination has enabled his clients to bring in over a million dollars in private investment.

Pierre Yancy


At ThinkTank Solutions, we look to Think about what is best for our clients, Create a strategy and great web services and Innovate new ways to create opportunities and revenue for our company.